‘Inspiring, thought provoking, excellent!’

Drawn from the most up-to-date research in mind & body sciences, the knowledge and insights you gain from our training programmes can be applied simply and effectively to your own unique circumstances.

Our training and education programmes have been delivered to hundreds of individuals and groups representing a range of industries and professions, all with a vested interest in supporting people safely and effectively from a trauma informed perspective.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful training Michelle. It was just really valuable in every way. I now have some wonderful things to process.” (Feedback, Workshop Participant)

From one hour introductions to intensive programmes that help you integrate new knowledge and skills into your services, all our training combines insights from applied neuroscience, principles and practices of polyvagal nerve theory, somatic and embodied approaches, psychological understanding and  interpersonal & communication skills.

Chose from the courses shown or get in touch and ask us to design a bespoke package to meet the specific needs of your role or organisation.

“I really enjoyed the workshop and found it incredibly helpful to me and for my clients….  To be honest, I loved it all. I was like a kid in a sweet shop, excited to taste all the new sweets.” (Feedback, Workshop Participant)


If you have any questions before purchasing, get in touch with us, with no fee or obligation.

CPD Member The CPD Certification Service

Basic Trauma Awareness (1-hr)

Basic introductions to safe practices & services
1-hour online workshop

Trauma Aware Services (3-hour)

Principles & strategies for delivering trauma aware services
3-hour online workshop

Trauma Informed Practitioner Training (1-day)

Application of trauma informed skills & strategies
1-day online training course

Trauma Informed Integrated Practices (6-days)

Advanced trauma recovery practices & interventions
6-day training programme

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