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I am passionate about helping people who are struggling with everyday life, whether through sudden unexpected heartache, or a gradual build up of stresses that can leave people feeling fragile or broken. I have a deep and sensitive understanding of how hard it can be to keep going on a day to day basis, let alone find a way through to a satisfying future.

I have faced my own share of disappointments and heartaches in life, which have of course shaped my own approach to healing from hurt and finding new ways to live. I know that with patience, time and the right support, a new and meaningful future is possible.


I have worked for four decades with children and adults who have experienced grief, loss and trauma as a result of all sorts of circumstances and situations.

For the past 20 years, my particular focus has been on promoting positive mental health, preventing suicide and supporting trauma recovery. I have worked with hundreds of individuals, small groups, teams and organisations during this time, representing numerous backgrounds and all sectors.

Every individual, group and situation presents unique challenges, so my approach is eclectic and draws from extensive training in a wide range of relevant topics. I help people recover in their own way and at their own pace within the context of a safe, supportive, trusted and professional relationship. This approach reflects the core principles of Kintsugi Healing.


I was inspired by the art of Kintsugi a few years ago and travelled to Japan to study with an 83 year old Japanese Master, Showzi Tsukamoto. This experience gave me a deep understanding of how the process of thoughtful repair can be applied to human pain and brokenness. The Master reinforced, eloquently and emotively through his interpreter, how important the principles of Kintsugi are for modern living, emphasising patience, adaptability and human connection.


I have studied applied neuroscience for many years to understand how we can use our brains more effectively to create positive change. I have also trained extensively in a wide range of somatic based approaches that can help improve mental health and support trauma recovery using our nervous systems.

I combined these cutting-edge mind-body sciences and practices, with the ancient traditions and wisdom of Kintsugi, to create Kintsugi Healing as a patient, skillful, effective method for promoting compassionate healing and lasting change.

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Oh, and for those who might be wondering, here are some of my professional & accredited learning credentials:

Academic and Professional qualifications

Professional Social Work (MBASW), Social Research Methods (MRes), Health & Social Care (BSc (Hons)) , Social & Behavioural Sciences (DCSBS), Motivational Coaching

Clinical and Practitioner Accredited Training (ICF/CCE/CTAA)

Certified Applied Neuroscience Practitioner with Brain & Behaviour Change, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (with EMDR, CBT and Somatic-Based Intervention), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness based CBT, Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner, Professional Psychotherapy, Motivational and Life Coaching Diplomas

CPD Member The CPD Certification Service
BASW Independent Member

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