• Have you been hurt or disappointed by life’s circumstances?
  • Do you feel as if you have lost your way and don’t know which way to turn?
  • Are you struggling to see a future with any real meaning or purpose?

At times life can leave us all feeling fragile or broken, whether through sudden heartache, a series of setbacks, or as a result of a gradual build up of stressful circumstances.

During those times most of us need the support of others who truly understand and who can walk alongside us long enough to see us come out the other side and into a better future. I have been there, and have appreciated the right support at the right time.

GET IN TOUCH to find out how you can begin to heal and create a new satisfying and meaningful future. Support is available in person, by phone and online.

With over three decades of experience, I have helped thousands of people create a life they can fully enjoy now, while fully respecting all that has come before.

Based on a sound understanding of traditional and contemporary therapeutic techniques, and drawing on extensive studies of mind and body sciences, I will work with you patiently and skillfully to help you create a strong and confident future.

I recognise that both you and your situation are unique; no two people face the same struggle even when facing similar situations, so my approach will be very specific to your needs and circumstances.

Contact me for an initial FREE consultation so we can discuss what support will suit you best. Your details will remain strictly confidential and will be held in keeping with our privacy policy.

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