Why Kintsugi Healing?

Kintsugi Healing is inspired by the Japanese Art of Kintsugi, literally translated ‘golden joinery’, which repairs precious broken pottery using a unique golden lacquer, highlighting cracks and honouring their history instead of hiding them.

Inspired by this ancient practice, Kintsugi Healing offers a practical, step-by-step guide for compassionate healing and lasting change, helping people make sense of difficult or challenging experiences so they can move through them to create stronger and more confident futures.

Kintsugi repair respects the origins of the pieces and their meaning for the owner. The process is thoughtful and patient, combining both art and science. The finished pieces are stronger than the original and have their own unique appearance as a result of the golden repair.

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KH Personalised 1-1 Support
KH Personalised 1-1 Support

Are you struggling just to get through each day?

Do you find yourself putting on a brave face in front of others?

Are you ready to find ways of feeling better about yourself and your future?

Get in touch to discuss how I can help.

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KH Online Group Programmes
KH Online Group Programmes

Have circumstances knocked you back in life?

Do you feel drained of energy or persistently low in mood?

Are you ready to restore strength and begin creating a new, confident future?

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KH Bespoke Seminars & Workshops
KH Bespoke Seminars & Workshops

Are your team members showing signs of strain in the workplace?

Is your organisation struggling to cope with the mental health challenges faced by its workforce?

Are you ready to find practical ways of supporting your staff more effectively?

Get in touch to find out more and discuss your particular needs.

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KH Recovery & Wellbeing Retreats
KH Recovery & Wellbeing Retreats

Are you feeling constantly exhausted or worn out?

Does the future seem hopeless or hard to imagine?

Are you ready to take time out to rest, recover and focus on changes you need to make?

Register your interest in 2021 retreats here.

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About Michelle

I am passionate about helping people who are struggling with day-to-day life, whether through sudden unexpected heartache, or a gradual build up of stresses over time.

I believe in practical, sensitive and skillful support, grounded in extensive study of sound therapeutic techniques over many years. Combined with that, I have a deep understanding of how the thoughtful, patient process of Kintsugi can be applied to human pain and brokenness as a metaphor for strong, effective recovery.

From that distinctive blend, I have created Kintsugi Healing - a unique, compassionate approach to helping people recover from life’s toughest challenges.

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