Kintsugi Healing 3-Hour LIVE Workshop
Trauma Informed Practices

Principles and strategies for delivering

trauma informed services


Hosted online via Zoom

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KH ‘Trauma Informed Practices’

Principles and strategies for delivering trauma informed services

  • Are you a coach, counsellor, social worker, mental health practitioner or other professional who wants to feel more confident when working with people affected by trauma?
  • Are you ready to see better outcomes for the people you support as a result of using up-to-date, trauma informed, evidence-based strategies?
  • Are you ready to raise your professionalism and effectiveness to another level by gaining CPD accredited trauma awareness training?

If any of these apply, then this unique Workshop is for you 🙂 CPD accreditation points can be made available for those participants who complete this workshop.

More about this Workshop

A huge number of people in our modern world are living with the ongoing, often unrecognised, impact of trauma in their lives. Whether trauma has been experienced as an infant or as an adult, as a single event or on multiple occasions, by one person or across families and generations, we are only now beginning to fully recognise the complexity of how traumatic experiences are stored so intricately in our nervous systems, between brain and body, both individually and collectively.

This workshop brings together core research findings from some of the most influential leaders in the trauma community today and applies those in a practical way to our everyday environments. Real life examples of people who have come through some of the most extreme experiences of trauma during their lifetime are used to illustrate key aspects of the research findings. These contemporary brain-body sciences are combined with the more ancient philosophies to offer sound, effective, lasting strategies to use when working with people who have experienced trauma and who are struggling to cope with everyday life as a result.

Register your interest in this training with no obligation. Registering simply allows us to hold your place on first come first served basis until dates and fees for 2024 are confirmed.

If you need more information before you register, please contact Michelle at as soon as possible. 

By the end of this live  Workshop you will have:

  • gained a better awareness of the range of evidence-based, trauma informed interventions that are changing how we work with trauma in our modern world
  • increased your knowledge of core research findings in the fields of applied neuroscience and somatic/embodied practices, to help improve outcomes for the people you support
  • learned how ancient eastern philosophies can be combined effectively with contemporary sciences to create lasting positive change in our own and others’ nervous systems
  • identified at least 5 trauma informed strategies you can use immediately to help people you support
  • developed greater confidence in your ability to recognise the impact of trauma more readily in those people you support so you can offer more effective interventions

How will this Workshop be delivered?

  • This Workshop will be delivered LIVE online using Zoom (you will need to set up an account with Zoom if you don’t already have one, and you can download the app if you choose).
  • The details you need to join will be sent to you via email before the session.
  • The session will be informal and conversational, with opportunities for live Q&A, and will be made available as a recording afterwards only to those who have attended in person
  • We want this to be an informative, practical and enjoyable session, although we will be discussing some serious and emotive issues, so be prepared for both aspects
  • Restricted numbers so everyone can participate fully
  • Worksheets provided in advance to take notes during the Workshop and for your reference afterwards
  • Led by Michelle who has supported hundreds of people through some of the most difficult challenges in life for over four decades and who will lead the group sensitively, competently and always with compassion (read more about Michelle)

What will the Workshop include?

This live Workshop will introduce a range of practical strategies, informed by a unique combination of ancient wisdom & contemporary science. During the online class we will:

  • Discuss the terminology used to describe and understand concepts around trauma and trauma-informed services
  • Explore evidence-based, solution-focused approaches for responding to the impact of trauma in people’s lives
  • Apply trauma-informed principles to a range or everyday services and practices
  • Draw on the principles for the Japanese art of Kintsugi to demonstrate how ancient practices can help people reconnect with their own purpose for living
  • Share practical strategies to adapt and use with the people we support
  • Offer an overview of current approaches that are used in response to a broad range of emotional and mental health needs, with an understanding of how experiences of trauma might affect outcomes for these approaches

Places are limited to provide everyone with a unique & memorable experience, and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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