What is Kintsugi

Kintsugi is an ancient craft, still practiced in some parts of Japan, to mend precious Japanese tea bowls and broken pottery in a time-honoured way that respects the origins of the pieces and their meaning for the owner. 

Kintsugi uses all our senses and cannot be rushed. Materials and replacement pieces are carefully selected to match the inherent value of the broken ceramics. The environment is as vital to the repair as the techniques are. Time is taken to indulge mindfully in tea ceremonies and shared meals while the mended pieces are baking. Restoration is completed using distinctive Japanese lacquer and 24-karat gold powder. The finished piece is often stronger than the original and has its own unique beauty. 

Kintsugi is so more than repairing broken pottery. It is a whole philosophy of life. The history is rich, the process is patient, the art is also a skill. Kintsugi is all about gentleness, patience and kindness. It is also about connectedness: connectedness with the piece being repaired, with the environment, with other people involved in the process, and importantly with yourself.  

Kintsugi Healing blends the principles of this beautiful craft, with modern research findings about how our bodies and minds respond to stress and trauma. Together, these complementary perspectives help you make sense of difficult and challenging circumstances so you can move through them effectively and begin to enjoy life again.