KH Bespoke Seminars & Workshops


2020 has been one of the most challenging years for all businesses, small and large. Team members, individually and collectively, are being forced to re-evaluate their roles on so many levels. Team cohesion has never been more important, while at the same time so ill defined. This is exactly the time for leaders to step up in radically new ways, equipping themselves with knowledge and skills needed to take their teams into the next decade with confidence and even greater efficiency.

The past year has placed various levels of tension on everyone. Persistent strain inevitably leads to breaking points. When cracks are beginning to appear in teams, a simple timely intervention can prevent breakage. And where larger businesses or organisations have, of necessity, been ‘broken’ into smaller pieces, the principles of Kintsugi can be applied effectively to help leaders make wise decisions about how to put the right pieces back together in even stronger ways. Where there is value in the individual pieces, there is value in repair and restoration. 

The field of neuroscience has recently applied new learning to the business world and the traditional values and processes for the strong, enduring repairs of Kintsugi can complement this learning when applied to any team made up of many different individuals. 

I have delivered training and hosted workshops for over 35 years and my preparation is only complete when I meet the group, ensuring the experience is meaningful and effective for all. Learning activities are interactive and engaging, with tough topics addressed openly and sensitively. Safety and respect are paramount, especially when dealing with tensions between workmates, colleagues or friends, and this is built in to every seminar. 

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