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Thurs 28th September, 1.30pm-2.30pm



  • you want some practical tips about how to create a confident, more optimistic future
  • you want to understand how to help others around you who are struggling
  • you know something isn’t quite right in your day-to-day life, and want to find our if Kintsugi Healing is for you
  • you’re curious and simply want to know more about the 6-step Kintsugi Healing REPAIR approach


Join this informative 1-hour taster session for a better understanding of how Kintsugi Healing can help you feel better or can help your team work more effectively.


By the end of this Taster session you will have learned:

  • why tough times in life affect us all differently, and why it is important we tune in more sensitively to our personal responses
  • how our minds can work with us or against us, and how we use that knowledge to our advantage
  • what happens in our bodies when stress builds up, and what we can do to release chronic tensions and/or deep hurts
  • where and when the metaphor of Kintsugi can be applied to human struggles, and how it can help us to find a confident way forward


How  will the session be delivered?

The webinar will be delivered live online using Zoom (you will need to set up an account with Zoom if you don’t already have one, and you can download the app if you choose).

The details you need to join will be sent to you via email before the session.

The session will be informal and conversational, with opportunities for live Q&A, and will not be made available as a recording afterwards to respect and maintain everyone’s privacy.

We want this to be an enjoyable and uplifting session, although we will be discussing some serious and emotive challenges of life, so be prepared for both aspects.

If you would like attend one of these FREE online taster sessions, please register your details and chosen date using the form below.

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