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  • you are dealing with difficult challenges in your life and want some practical guidance & support, to help you make necessary, thoughtful and positive changes
  • you have faced tough times in the past and are ready to make sense of them, so you can begin to shape a confident and more enjoyable future
  • you find yourself putting on a brave face for the world, while feeling anxious or generally low inside, and want to learn ways of enjoying a calmer or more optimistic lifestyle
  • you are ready to make a serious commitment to positive change in your life

Join us for this intensive, insightful programme and begin the process of change that will take you towards a confident, more enjoyable future where you can feel in better control of yourself and the world you live in.


By the end of  this 3-week programme you will:
  • know what you really want for the next phase of your life, and will have taken your first steps towards a more confident and fulfilling future
  • have gained personal insights into how you can make changes in your brain & body (nervous system) more consciously and intentionally to recover from life’s tough challenges, so you can achieve more of what you really want in life
  • have learned how to develop creative and useful habits to support you with life’s tough times, both now and in the future, so you can build up greater strength and resilience for dealing with challenges effectively
  • understand how the metaphor of Kintsugi repair can help you find a clear sense of purpose and meaning for all aspects of your life, so you know how to fully respect & appreciate your personal history and enjoy your unique place in the world


How will the 3-week programme be delivered? 

The programme will be delivered by email, weekly live Zoom calls and optional private FB group:

  • weekly live group sessions, interactive and educational, up to 1.5 hours per week, hosted via Zoom, with time for Q&A
  • series of short video recordings sharing practical & motivational tips in between live sessions
  • educational input each week, drawn primarily from neuroscience, psychology and somatic (embodied) sciences, that can be readily applied to everyday life
  • practical exercises during and between sessions, with printable PDF workbook materials provided via email
  • personalised resource & recovery guide to record your progress, yours to keep or add to for future reference
  • optional membership of private FB group for the duration of the programme
  • optional bonus ‘next steps’ Q&A session following the end of programme
  • optional 15min 1-1 follow up call for every participant who completes the programme


Places for this course are strictly limited to ensure a safe, supportive space where everyone can take part. Register now to guarantee your place.

 The details you need to join will be sent to you by email ahead of the start of the programme (you will need to set up an account with Zoom if you don’t already have one, and you can download the app if you choose).

We will encourage everyone to interact during the live weekly calls, only as much as is comfortable for you. The private FB group will be active throughout the 3-weeks of the programme to ask questions, share tips and offer encouragement to each other (optional membership).

Live calls will not be made available as recordings afterwards, to respect and maintain everyone’s privacy. The private FB group will be held open for one week after the challenge so everyone can access earlier conversations and encourage each other to keep going with progress made.


Cost for Intensive Programme

There is a cost of £275 for this intensive programme, to reflect the value of the professional support and personalised attention you will be given throughout. This includes live weekly group calls, with personal responses during Q&A sessions, a series of practical & motivational video recordings, all printable PDF materials, facilitation of private FB group questions and conversations, and an optional 1-1 call for each participant who completes the course to answer personal questions. Payable in full or in installments prior to programme start date.

New dates coming soon

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